The Killers Amongst Us:Chimera Dawn Chronicles(145)

By: Declan Conner

“Yeah, well I’m only thinking about me now. None of that interests me. Summers has already warned me off talking about what happened.”

Shaw scowled and looked over at Frank.

“Hey, what about that drink?” said Frank.

“Sorry, got to go,” Shaw said.

Shaw walked over to Frank.

“What did he say?”

“He wanted to warn me not to say anything.”

“Yeah, we all got that message last week.

Jim caught up with them.

“Congratulations on them voting you in as sheriff,” Shaw said.

“Thanks. At least I don’t have to worry about Johno and the vet’s cases ending up as cold case files.”

“How’s that?”

“Johno came around from his coma at the hospital today. Grimes pushed him over the cliff. From what he says, he witnessed Grimes and the vet together entering the surgery on the night she died. He was on his way back home from Louise’s house. With the garage door open and the lights on, he saw them pull a dog onto a gurney. I guess Grimes saw him as a loose end. I reckon that the dog she rescued over at Claymore was that guy Ammon that Gail talked to Frank about when he walked her out of the mine. We think that as soon as Grimes realized who the dog was, he phoned the preppers to collect it from the surgery. The vet saw too much and Grimes killed her in his creature form. That’s why the preppers came back and torched the surgery.”

“And all that’s going before a coroner?”

“No, none of it. They’re marking the death of the vet as a wild animal having killed her that she’d tried to rescue. Johno’s been told by the goons from CONOP not to talk about it and to say he slipped.”

“What about Rigby?”

“He must have seen that twin of Ammon that Cleo’s crew captured. He’s been cut a deal for a fine and to keep quiet, or they’ll see to it he gets plenty of jail time. Besides, the county sheriff says that if anyone talks, it’ll get put down as a conspiracy theory.”

“What are you going to do now?” Frank asked Shaw.

“Me, I’m going to take a long vacation. I’ve rented an apartment in LA and cashed in my investments.” He pulled out a folded receipt from the burger bar in LA, unfolded it, and glanced at the telephone number scrawled on the back. “Maybe I’ll get my appetite back.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I’ll tell you one day. Come on, I’m dying for that fruit juice.”


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