The Killers Amongst Us:Chimera Dawn Chronicles(8)

By: Declan Conner

“FBI agent Summers is in overall charge of the cases and he will coordinate all the various agencies efforts.”

Summers stood and cleared his throat.

“Thank you, Rachael. If you are not all aware, we have reports of nineteen missing young women, all of a similar age. We have three clusters in California. One group is located in the Beverly Hills district with five missing. There are seven reports from Sacramento, and seven from West of Fresno. Based on preliminary findings, there is sufficient information to believe that ten of them could have been kidnapped, though we haven’t received word from any kidnapper, nor do we have any witnesses to any of the events.”

Summers opened a buff file and passed out papers to all present. Shaw wondered if the two additional kidnappings included any of his victims. He read the notes on the paper.

Chief of police. Los Angeles - Fresno - Sacramento.

Designate uniformed officers and highway patrol for enquiries.

Distribute photographs of missing persons & clothing type worn.

Door to door enquires.

CCTV from all relevant places and times.

All information to designated detective.

All media enquires directed to the FBI

FBI agents.

Meetings with families.

Photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples. Description of clothing. (Copies to MUPU)

Social media, phone records. Court orders if not forthcoming.

Details of extra curricula activities. Emphasis on patterns of connections between victims.

Check records of known cults.

All forensics to be carried out by the FBI.

Detectives. Los Angeles – Fresno – Sacramento.

Collate all local information from enquires.

School records. Interview teachers for known connections.

Evaluate CCTV footage. (Include vehicles en-route.)

Follow up leads and report to FBI, with daily summary.

All media enquires directed to the FBI.

Shaw looked down the list and stopped at the instruction that material had to be sent to FBI forensics.

“Agent Summers, we’ve found Lucie Turner’s dog with its throat ripped out and our forensic team has the body.”

“Okay, have them contact our forensics’ team after the meeting.”

“Is that one on your list as a possible kidnap?” Shaw asked.

Summers scrolled his finger down a list of names.

“No, we only have two from your list, Gail Harvey and Carol Buckshaw, so that makes it a possible eleven out of the nineteen. Listen, if I can carry on, each detective from the three areas is going to give us a rundown of the ones in their area. So please, let’s keep things ordered. First, I’ll elaborate on the list in front of you all.”

Shaw scoffed inwardly, but he knew Summers was right. The sooner the meeting was over, the sooner he could get to Amy’s party, so the less interruption the better.

With detective Granger from Sacramento finishing off the last of his missing persons’ reports, Shaw looked at his wristwatch. It was already 3:00 p.m., and he knew if the traffic was bad on the Hollywood Freeway, he could be late for Amy’s party. The tone of a cell phone buzzing caught Shaw’s attention. All exchanged glances.

“Sorry about that, text message,” said the Homeland Security guy.

He walked out of the room. Detective Granger finished his report, then agent Summers called an end to the meeting. Over the sound of scraping chairs, Summers’ cell phone vibrated on the table and he took the call.

Shaw noticed Summers’ cheeks flush.

“What! The same pattern in almost every state? No way. What the hell is going on?” He called out to those in the room. “Please all take a seat again.”

The door opened, and in breezed Homeland Security.

“Sorry about this, change of plan. I’m taking control of the cases. I’ll have to ask you all to stay a while longer.” He walked over to Ana. “You can stop recording the minutes and leave,” he said. “We only need two copies, one for me and one for agent Summers, then wipe your machine clean.”

Shaw turned to Summers.

“What’s happening?”

“The national database has thrown out a report of the same pattern of missing eighteen-year-old girls in almost every state.”

Shaw’s mouth gaped. Homeland Security stabbed Summers a look, then tapped his lips with his index finger. By the expression on his face, he didn’t look too happy at Summers’ revelation. Homeland Security glanced around the table. Shaw could see that no one seemed to have taken any notice of what had been said.

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