The Mountain Man's Secret Twins(44)

By: Alexa Ross & Holly Rayner

Near the couch, Kenzie found Bryce’s jean jacket, with its Blue Boys Clubhouse patch sewn back on in its original place. In the previous few months, Kenzie had begun to embroider new patches for him, learning the skill from the widow, Laurie Smith. Despite the woman’s cool demeanor, it was clear she really did love Kenzie and the babies. She would anxiously ask after them if she didn’t hear from them for a few days.

The newest patch was of Blue Blossom Park, the place that had been dedicated to Bryce’s mother and father. The patch featured the bench, several trees, and some flowers, with the words “Blue Blossom” across the top. It had been difficult to embroider, Kenzie tearing out several stitches a day and redoing them.

But finally, it was ready to sew onto the jacket. Kenzie slipped the thread through the needle’s eye, closing one of her own eyes to do it swiftly, without failing. As the venison sizzled in the skillet, the smell filled her nose, causing her stomach to grumble.

“That smells amazing, baby,” she called. But Bryce didn’t hear her, what with the skillet still sizzling and the radio crackling in the corner.

Kenzie finished one side of the embroidery attachment and then peered up at the mantel over the crackling fire. There sat the portrait of Bryce’s mother and father, the first Molly and Carter, holding on to Bryce himself. There was another photo beside it. Kenzie’s little family had copied the portrait, holding on to their babies in Blue Blossom Park and grinning madly, fully knowledgeable of how lucky they truly were to have one another.

In the photo, baby Carter stuck his pink tongue out, looking silly and wild, while Molly looked demure, far away, as if she were writing tiny poems in her head. Kenzie and Bryce looked tired, but happy—much like the original Carter and Molly in the first photograph. The exhaustion of being parents was constant, but they knew they were the best kind of team when together.

Kenzie finished the patch and lifted the jacket high, assessing her work. She rolled over the couch top in a quick motion, anxious to show Bryce. She smiled, handing it to him. “What do you think?” she asked.

Bryce moved the skillet from the hot burner to the cold, noting that the venison was finished cooking. Beside it, a pot of potatoes bubbled. He lifted the jacket from Kenzie’s hands, gazing at her handiwork. He shook his head, a small tear forming in his eye. “This means the world to me, baby,” he whispered.

Kenzie leaned into him, hugging his muscled torso tight. “Do you mean it?” she whispered.

Bryce kissed her nose and then her mouth, holding her close. “I always knew I’d find a woman who could sew,” he said, teasing her.

Kenzie swatted him on the shoulder playfully, and kissed him again. Her tongue glided against his. Their passion for each other was never far away. Her body filled with lust for him. Half of her brain wanted him to toss her on the couch and make love to her, to gobble her up, to make her forget her name.

But she knew there would be endless hours for that later. In fact, they had an entire eternity together, as parents and partners and lovers and friends.

The world was theirs. They could see it all from atop their mountain, safe together in their love.

The End

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