The Power of Three(4)

By: Kate Pearce


Ash pulled the towel away and fell to his knees. “Beautiful.” He leaned forward and licked Esca’s already-wet cock from tip to root.

“Aren’t I supposed to be doing that to you?”

Ash smiled up at him. “Eventually—unless you object to me touching you first.”

“Gods, no, go ahead, I’m—”

Ash swallowed Esca’s cock in one smooth motion, easing him down his throat and sucking hard. He wanted to smile at his mate’s reaction, the way his hips thrust forward to push himself deeper and his hand buried in Ash’s hair, holding him in a tight painful grip. He took his time getting to know what Esca liked, keeping him aroused and hard, only easing off when he sensed it was too much. Being able to access his partner’s chaotic thoughts made the process so much easier and much more intimate. While he sucked, he brought his hand up to play with Esca’s balls and explore the soft skin of his taint and the pucker of his ass.

“Oh frek, I’m—”

Ash swallowed Esca’s come and then carefully released his lover’s now-flaccid cock. Standing, he gestured for Esca to lie back on the bed and climbed up beside him.

As he slowly took off his robe, Esca’s gaze lowered. “You’re big.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll fit.” Ash straddled Esca’s stomach and cupped his cock and balls. “Give me your hand.”

Esca complied and Ash wrapped it around both of their cocks, intertwining his fingers with his lover’s. Wetness soon covered their moving fingers. Ash carefully leaned forward and brushed his mouth over Esca’s parted lips.

“Do you like this?”


“Do you want to come again, or will you wait?”

“I’ll do whatever you want as long as you don’t stop touching me.”

“Oh, I’m not stopping now. Not until I’m so deep inside you that there’s nowhere else to go.” Ash smiled as he picked up the lube he’d placed by the side of the bed and coated his finger.

He disentangled himself, leaving the other man holding his own shaft, and knelt between his legs. As he licked the crown of Esca’s cock, he eased the tip of his finger inside him, felt a tremor run through his mate and distracted him with more licks and kisses.

It was no hardship to take his time. He’d dreamed of this moment for years—Esca willingly spread beneath him, begging to be fucked. The reality was even better than he’d expected. He pushed in further, to the first knuckle and soothed Esca’s cock with his tongue and his mind. Moving up, he grasped Esca’s shaft with his free hand and kissed him, using his tongue to mimick his slow deliberate possession of the man’s ass.

“More,” Esca groaned. “Faster.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Despite his words, Ash eased a second oiled finger in alongside the first and started to work them back and forth.

“And what if I want that?” Esca said. “What if I want to feel owned, possessed, and sore? What if I want to remember you fucking me hard when I’m sitting on that spaceship tomorrow?”

“How hard?” Ash’s cock jerked and he fought the urge to come.

Esca’s brown eyes were narrowed and full of lust. “As hard as I can take. I’m a big, tough soldier. I know you’re being careful with me, but—”

Ash kissed him, shoving his tongue back into Esca’s mouth, adding a third finger and working him until his hips lifted and his cock filled out again.

“Gods, yes.”

It was enough encouragement for Ash to draw back, grasp his cock and press the head against Esca’s well-lubed ass.

“Do it,” Esca growled. “Do me hard.”

Ash pushed forward, gasping at the tightness of Esca’s passage. Each tiny gain was a victory, each yielding, a mark of his right to possess this arrogant magnificent male, to own him as no other man ever would.

“Ah…” Ash paused to appreciate the sight of the last inch of his cock disappearing inside Esca. He looked down at the other man and held still.

“Hard enough for you?”

He was rewarded with a flicker of a smile. “You feel as big as my fist.”

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