The Power of Three(5)

By: Kate Pearce

“And I haven’t even started pounding into you yet.”

“What are you waiting for?” Esca licked his lips and squeezed his own cock.

“I just wanted to appreciate the moment, to see you on your back, filled with my cock just as I’ve imagined you countless times.”

“I’ve imagined it, too.”

Ash rocked his hips, watched Esca’s expression tighten. “It’s better than I dreamed.”

“Then finish it. Fuck me. Make me yours.”

Ash didn’t need any more encouragement. He leaned into Esca and started to thrust, each jerk of his hips exploding a thousand sensations through his tightly encased cock and his mind. As he powered toward a climax, Esca’s thoughts reached him and became entwined with his. For an amazing moment, they were indistinguishable from each other. He even imagined he could see those new neural connections being formed through the red haze of his closed eyes as he came.

When he opened his eyes, he lay against Esca’s chest, one hand tangled in his lover’s short dark hair. He eased his cock free and came up on one elbow to assess his mate.

“Shall we shower?”

“You don’t want me to leave?”

Ash opened his eyes wide. “Without reciprocating?”

Esca went still. “You’d let me do that to you?”

“Yes.” Ash rolled over and stood up, loving the way Esca’s gaze rested on his nakedness. “We are supposed to be mated.”

“But I always assumed—”

“That you were destined to be forever fucked and left wanting?” Ash opened the door into his lavish bathroom and put on the shower. “You don’t have to fuck me.” He stepped under the blissfully hot water and waited for Esca to join him. “If we add a female to our threesome, you could choose to only fuck her.”

He opened his eyes as Esca’s hand closed around his cock.

“Oh, I think I want you.”

Ash smiled. “Then let’s not waste any more time.”

* * * * *

Chapter 2

One planetary year later.

“What’s wrong? Are you in pain?”

Esca turned from his contemplation of the city lights to find Ash framed in the doorway of his suite.

“I’m fine.” He surreptitiously moved to ease the cramp in his leg. “I was just thinking about tomorrow.”

Ash sat beside him on the couch. His quiet presence always made Esca feel better. He wore his usual silk robe and his long pale hair was tied back at the nape of his neck. He smelled of the shower and of himself, an indefinable scent Esca still craved like a drug. His robe was tied so loosely that Esca could see his finely muscled torso, the long limbs and strong fingers that made sharing his bed so freking pleasurable.

Not that they’d been sharing much recently, what with Esca’s injury and Ash’s preoccupation with the affairs of the senate. That was probably his fault, too.

After he got out of the hospital and returned to their apartment, his lover had taken time off to care for him, putting up with his moods, his rages and his totally unreasonable demands. And now Ash was slammed with work.

“Are you sure you’re fit enough to go on this mission?”

Esca’s guilty thoughts about Ash dissipated, and he cast him an irritated glance. “Sure I am.”

“You’re certain?”

“You might be First Male, but you aren’t my mother, or the military physician. Luckily, the latter declared me fit, so I’m going.”

“Whether I think it’s a wise decision or not.”

“What are you going to do, stop me?”

“I could.”

“And you know I’d never freking forgive you if you did.”

“I’m concerned about your fitness.”

“I get that.” Esca stared out at the city. “I can’t stay here forever. The accident was months ago. I’ve passed all the tests the military have thrown at me, I’m not in pain, I’m mentally competent and I’m bored witless here.”

Ash didn’t say anything, his gaze fixed on the rapidly darkening horizon, too.

“Dammit, Ash.”


“You’re determined to make this difficult for me, aren’t you?”

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