The Prince's Pregnant Challenge(8)

By: Leslie North

As the pleasure continued to build, Liane could feel her body flush as her pulse raced faster. Crying out, Liane arched up, as her first ever orgasm rolled through her. Her muscles convulsed as they clutched him. Groaning, Jean Pierre buried his head in her neck, as she milked him dry. Shuddering beneath him, she slowly uncurled her toes as she let out a sigh. “Oh the heck,” she whispered.

“An orgasm, ma cherie,” Jean Pierre said and kissed her.


They were both feeling awkward as they adjusted their clothing, worried that at any moment, someone might walk in. Jean Pierre couldn’t help staring at Liane. She was unlike any other woman he had met and he would have liked to take his time and make love to her properly. Given that she was the Crown Prince’s fiancée, he knew that he should be regretting what he had just done but he wasn’t. In fact, he wanted more. She felt good in ways that were completely new to him and he wasn’t quite sure what to think.

Liane picked up her phone and saw missed calls from Tracey. Checking herself over one last time, she started to leave the room but Jean Pierre held her arm. She yanked it free, “We should not have,” she said as she rushed off. If the Crown Prince found out, both of them would be in trouble.

She found Tracey waiting for her at the reception. “Sorry, Tracey,” Liane said as soon as she approached her.

“Where have you been?” Tracey asked.

“Upstairs. I was lying down and I guess I lost track of the time,” Liane managed to say, thinking that it wasn’t that far from the truth. As they left, Tracey was telling Liane about the new man she had just met. Liane was nodding, as she talked. She could barely concentrate on the conversation.

When she got home, she rushed upstairs to take a shower. As she stood under the spray, she thought of Jean Pierre's touch. Why did she have to have sex with the one man she detested the most? He was infuriating on a good day. As she thought about how good he felt, she turned the shower to cold before quickly jumping out. She knew she had to pretend as if it never happened and move on with her life, but she suspected that was going to be impossible as her skin tingled at the thought of him. As she was reaching for a towel, Macee walked into the bathroom and Liane screamed.

“Why are you so jumpy?” Macee asked.

“I just did not expect anyone to come in whilst I was taking a shower,” Liane replied defensively.

Macee laughed and pulled down her shorts. “I needed to wee,” she said as she sat on the toilet. Liane shook her head. “So how was the party?” Macee asked.

“Rubbish,” Liane replied as she tried to put it behind her. She stayed hidden in the shower stall as she towelled herself off.

“Well, you were certainly gone long enough.”

Blushing, Liane was glad that Macee could not see her. “No, it really was. I swear you would have hated it. I’m really tired of people wanting to be friends with me simply because I am to marry the Crown Prince.” Macee laughed as she stood up. Those parties were definitely not for her.

“It’s only going to get worse,” Macee replied as she walked out of the bathroom leaving the door wide open.

“MACEE!” Liane shouted.

“Sorry,” Macee rushed back to shut the door.


6 months ago

Liane had been feeling a little off and was having difficulty keeping up with Charles. They agreed that she would take a few days off assuming that she was simply fatigued. Liane really appreciated the days off and found herself sleeping more than usual. It finally became apparent to her when she missed her second period. Getting dressed, she left the house without telling anyone. Her mother would have been furious that she drove herself, but she couldn’t risk anyone finding out as she found a store located far away from her home, where no one knew her.

She stopped at a petrol station and used the restroom there. It was not the most ideal place to take a pregnancy test but she could not wait until she got home or risk Macee walking in on her again. As she waited for the results, she was full of mixed emotions. When the time was up, she picked up the stick and stared at it. It was positive.

Groaning, she stared at herself in the mirror. What was she going to do? Obviously, she couldn’t marry the prince now; especially given who the father is. She couldn’t help but laugh at how angry her mother was going to be when she found out. She was so looking forward to spending more time at the palace. Her thirst for power far exceeded her love for her family. As Liane put her hands on her stomach, she smiled. There was a little human growing inside her. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her life was about to become very different and deep down, Liane couldn’t have been happier.

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