The Prince's Unwilling Lover(4)

By: Leslie North

“Please do not apologise, your highness,” Mrs LeBlanc said with a smile. She sent one of the maids to the kitchen to bring refreshments for the prince.

As Mrs LeBlanc spoke, the prince studied Francesca. While he didn’t find her particularly unappealing, he wasn’t overly impressed. Admittedly, she carried herself with poise, but he found her to be of average looks, unlike Liane, who was much prettier. Francesca was tall with ramrod straight posture and high cheekbones giving her an almost birdlike appearance. Her brunette-coloured hair and brown eyes seemed lacklustre and her small lips did not look particularly kissable. Nothing about her jumped out at him. She was not intriguing, which did not surprise him. Political marriages were always like that.

Chapter 3

As the Crown Prince Louis sat there listening to Mrs LeBlanc describe her daughter’s many attributes, he couldn’t help interrupting to ask how Liane was coping.

“I assure you that she will be fine. She is receiving the best medical care,” Mrs LeBlanc said.

“I hope so. Please pass her my regards when you speak to her,” Prince Louis replied. The sound of his deep, rich voice made Francesca's insides melt like butter. The prince was refined and such a gentleman.

As the prince was getting ready to leave, the front door crashed open as Macee came limping in. Dressed head to toe in black and completely covered in different colours of paint, she was hopping up and down as she attempted to pull her boots off when she realized that she had an audience. Looking up, she groaned. She wasn’t sure which was worse. The fact that the prince was still in their home or the look of fury on her mother’s face. Dropping her boot, she turned and gave the prince an awkward curtsy as she idly swept her socked foot across some paint that had dripped on the floor.

The prince raised an eyebrow, as he looked at what appeared to be another sister. Mrs LeBlanc felt as if she was going to have a heart attack. While Macee was usually messy, this was much worse. Her normally unkempt hair had been pulled back in a ponytail as stray strands curled around her face. The bottom of her t-shirt was ripped and underneath the paint, her pants were covered in dirt and grass stains. Since she had only managed to remove one boot, Mrs LeBlanc noticed her big toe poking out from her torn sock.

“MACEE!” Mrs LeBlanc growled. She cleared her throat when she realised how unladylike her tone sounded. “Darling, what happened to you?”

Francesca blinked a few times in disbelief as she stared at the mess that was her sister. It was the Crown Prince for goodness sake.

“I am so sorry,” Macee said, as she looked at the prince. “I thought that you would be gone by now.” She smiled as she picked up her bag and boot and awkwardly dismissed herself as she limped out of the room. The whole time, Prince Louis hid his smile. Never in his life had he met a woman like her. He studied her from head to toe in all her mess. Every woman around him was always so nicely dressed and poised; he found her utterly refreshing. He couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like under all that paint.

“Your highness, I am so sorry about that,” Mrs LeBlanc quickly apologised.

“Please, do not apologise. She is allowed to be free in her own home.” Prince Louis bowed his head slightly and left the house.

Mrs LeBlanc marched up to Macee's room and flung the door open. What on earth was she thinking coming in looking like that when the prince was at their house. She had promised to be out of the house for the entire day, she should have stayed out.

“Mother, I apologise. The prince was supposed to be gone already. I did not do it on purpose,” Macee said.

“What were you doing to get this dirty?”


“What on earth is that?”

“Mother, you are overreacting. The prince didn’t come to see me, so let it be.”

Macee threw herself on the bed. “At least take a shower before you lay on your bed,” Mrs LeBlanc said and pushed Macee off the bed. She groaned in complaint as she headed to the bathroom. Her mother was always overreacting about things.

Francesca let herself into the bathroom whilst Macee was in the shower. She was excited about meeting the prince and wanted to tell her little sister about it. Macee popped her head out of the shower. “Was there chemistry at least?” she asked.

“Who cares about that? I get to live in the palace,” Francesca replied.

“Frannie, you are so materialistic.”

“When I am queen, you will have to stop calling me that! It sounds so ugly.”

“Frannie, fanny,” Macee sang and started laughing. Francesca opened the tap water. Macee screamed when the water went hotter.

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