The Spencer Cohen Series, Book Three(6)

By: N.R. Walker

Goosebumps broke out over his skin, and he let out a nervous breath, half laugh, half need. “No.”

I pressed the head of my cock against his ready arse as the melodic piano music started, teasing him as the music teased the air. When the intro morphed into something more, I pushed into him.

Andrew groaned as I filled him. His head fell forward as he gripped the top of the chair, and the muscles in his shoulders flexed tight, distracting me from the pleasure building, from how good he felt.

The chair started to tip, with the weight of both of us at one end. So I leaned down, pushing Andrew forward a little and pushing into him fully at the same time. He cried out, a mix of pain and pleasure I knew well. I leaned over him and kissed his shoulder, his neck, and whispered in his ear, “You’re so fucking hot.”

He arched his back, pushing his head back and giving me more of his arse. “Spencer,” he murmured. The music took off in the second movement, complex and amazing, and I thrust into him in 3/4 time.

Andrew reached back blindly and found the back of my head, keeping my lips at his ear. He was arched like a bow, impaled on every inch of me, and we kept perfect rhythm with Beethoven.

I reached around his body and gripped his cock. He was hard, and the precum at his tip made my hand slick as I stroked him. But I was too far gone to wait for him. He felt too damn good, and I was already so on edge.

“Spencer,” he grated out. “Fuck.”

And that was all it took. My name from his lips and a whispered curse and the coil in my balls sprang, surged, and my orgasm roared through me like wildfire. I gripped his hips and thrust into him one final time as I filled the condom. The room spun, silent and loud at the same time, and I almost lost balance.

Before I had fully come to my senses, Andrew was now standing in front of me. I was somehow on my feet and he had his hands on my arms to steady me. “You okay?” he asked with a laugh.


He grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom, where he all but pushed me onto my bed face first. “Lie down. We’re not done.”

I laughed, muffled, into my pillow. “I tried to hold back, but that was too fucking hot.”

Not aware of much else around me, I felt the bed dip before he pushed my thighs wider apart. Then there was cool liquid and fingers probing me, without warning, without apology. I groaned and gripped the bedcovers, suddenly more coherent. I loved being manhandled in bed. And I loved that Andrew, quiet, shy and geeky Andrew, was the complete opposite of that when it came to sex. He was in charge. There was no doubt. I lifted my arse for him. “Yeah. Like that,” I urged him.

He added more fingers and fucked me for a minute. One hand pushed down on my back, one hand at my entrance, he was leaning over me. I knew his huge cock was next, and I wanted it. I needed it. “Andrew.”

He pulled his fingers out of me, and while he applied the condom, I put pillows under my hips and laid back down for him with my face in the mattress and my arse in the air. He wasted no time. He simply positioned himself behind me, put his cock to my hole, and pushed into me.

He wasn’t gentle. He wasn’t slow. He leaned forward and breached me, stretched and filled me. I groaned loudly, gritting my teeth. “Fuck. Your cock is huge.”

He stilled, his breath hot on my back. “You okay?”

“Fuck yes,” I told him. “Jesus.”

He gave me a second to adjust and then slowly started to rock into me. His voice was a gruff whisper. “You didn’t make me come before.”

I laughed into the mattress. “Remind me to fail next time, too, if it means you’ll fuck me like this.”

He thrust harder, making me cry out. Then he did it again and again until he stilled. His fingers dug into my hips, and he pulsed inside me. Jesus, I could feel him come. His voice was a strangled cry as he pulled out and collapsed on top of me; his chest was heaving, and his breaths were ragged.

I couldn’t move. I was pinned underneath him. His body was a glorious weight, and when he rolled off me, I felt the absence immediately. I shuffled around so I faced him and kissed him. “Wow.”

“I’ve never done that before,” he whispered, his eyes closed. It was as though he couldn’t bear to look at me.

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