The Spencer Cohen Series, Book Three(9)

By: N.R. Walker

“Well, Peter’s a bit weird.”

“He’s not the weirdest,” I conceded. “He just likes men half his age. Nothing wrong with that. I think he was looking to settle down, but his ex wasn’t ready for that.”

Andrew nodded thoughtfully. “You think they’ll get back together? His ex-boyfriend’s name is Duncan, yes?”

“Yep. Duncan Doolittle. And I don’t know if they’ll get back together. Duncan’s a hard one to read.”

Andrew smiled. I’d told him some things about this new job, so he got the job reference. “I’m almost certain not all vets have the last name Doolittle. And couldn’t you have kidnapped someone’s dog to take it into his clinic? That’d have to be a bit more exciting than sitting through a formal dinner.”

I chuckled at him. “Not to mention illegal. And no, Peter works with Duncan’s best friend. That’s how they met. So the friend will be at this dinner because it’s a work thing. He’ll see me with Peter and no doubt tell Duncan. Then Peter and I will take his cat, not some stolen dog, to the vets, and Doctor Dreamy Duncan Doolittle can decide if he’s jealous or not.”

“Doctor Dreamy Duncan Doolittle?”

“Yes. Alliteration about appearances is always awesome when articulated artistically.”

Andrew laughed. “That was terrible.”

“Then why did you laugh?”

He was still smiling. “I was being polite.”

I rolled my eyes. “You were not. You totally think I’m great.”

He didn’t answer, but he also didn’t stop smiling. “You look great in that tux,” he said, giving me another once over. “Maybe we should go out somewhere fancy sometime so I get a night with you dressed like that too.”

I lifted his hand and kissed his knuckles. “Any time. A black-tie jazz night perhaps?”

He smiled shyly. “Would you dance with me?”

“You told me you don’t dance.”

“I don’t dance in nightclubs or bars.”

“But at some fancy place dressed in a tux you would?”


“Then yes. On a dance floor full of elegantly dressed hetero couples in one of LA’s best jazz bars? Hell yes, I would. And you”―I kissed him lightly― “would be the most dapper of them all.”

“Most dapper?” He laughed. “Is that the male equivalent of Cinderella?”

“I was thinking more like James Bond, but whatever.”

He chuckled and sighed happily. “Well, I still think you look great—”


He snorted. “Okay. I still think you look dapper in your suit. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.”

I put my forehead to his. “If it means anything, I’d prefer to be here with you.”

His blue-grey eyes flashed with a smile. “I know.”

I held his chin between my thumb and forefinger. “So, what are your plans for tonight? Are you really going to go hang out here and downstairs with Emilio?”

“Would that make you insanely jealous?”

“Yes. And don’t look so amused. You could at least try and look put out.”

Andrew laughed. “Actually, I’m going to see my parents.”

“Oh, how’s Yanni going?” Yanni was the acting-student guy I’d been paid to find for my last client, who turned out to be the charming arsehole who belted the crap out of Yanni and called it love. I’d brought Yanni home with me, not really knowing what else to do with him, and Andrew had said he knew of some place where Yanni would be welcome and safe. That place just happened to be his parents’ house. The plan was to find Yanni a flat of his own, but a week later and he was still there. Andrew hadn’t mentioned him for a day or two. “Found somewhere for him to live yet?”

“No. Well, I’m sure there’s been plenty of safe-houses, but to be honest, I think my mom likes having him around. Another actor in the house and she’ll be in heaven. She probably has the furniture in the living room pushed to one side and has had the poor guy adlibbing scenes with her from her latest acting class.” Andrew smiled fondly. “She used to make Sarah and I do that.”

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