The Unexpected Wedding (Comfort Crossing Book 5)(4)

By: Kay Correll

“I can really use the work and I have construction experience.”

“Well then, hope it works out for both of you.” Rebecca turned to head back to the kitchen. “You let me know if you want more pancakes.”


Becky Lee sat at the Magnolia Cafe with her friends Jenny and Bella. Well, she was Bella to the townsfolk, but to the trio of friends, she was Izzy—short for Isabella.

They’d finished up breakfast and still sat catching up on their lives. “I’m glad you two could come in this morning before my lunch shift. I’ve missed you two newlyweds. How’s the whole marriage thing working out?”

Jenny set down her coffee cup. “There’s been some adjustments. Moving in with Clay. Combining the kids so there’re three kids under one roof. But I’m glad to be married to the man. Finally.”

“Only took you, what? About twenty-ish years since you first met him?” Becky Lee loved how her friends’ eyes shone when she talked about Clay. “How about you, Izzy? Things going well with you and Owen? Jeremy coming around any?”

“Owen and Jeremy are slowly finding their footing with each other. Who knew a ten-year-old boy could cause so much turmoil. The funny thing is, I think he likes Owen, he’s just afraid to admit it. But Owen is really patient with him. Timmy, of course, is nuts about Owen. They are quite the pair.” Bella pushed her plate away. “I hope that we get to go on that honeymoon we planned. It just wasn’t possible right after the wedding. Everything was crazy here in town after the tornado with too much going on, but we didn’t want to wait to get married.”

“Well, your double wedding was beautiful. I can’t imagine anything better than seeing my two friends married to guys they are obviously in love with. Not to mention that Owen is crazy in love with you, Izzy. And, of course, Clay has been in love with Jenny since high school. So you both had a fairy tale ending.”

“I’ve got some other news.” Bella looked at her friends and a wide grin spread over her face. “We haven’t told anyone else—I wanted you two to be the first. We’re going to have a baby.”

“Seriously? That’s wonderful.” Jenny jumped up and hugged Bella.

Becky Lee sat for a moment, a bit stunned. She had no idea that Bella and Owen were planning on having children. A momentary twinge of jealousy coursed through her, but she immediately stomped it down. She reached across the table and squeezed Bella’s hands. “I’m so happy for both of you.”

“Owen is in shock, I think. A bit overwhelmed with the whole being a father thing. I told him he has months to get used to the idea.”

“He’ll come around.” Jenny grinned. “This is fabulous news.”

“We told the boys this morning, so I wanted to tell you first thing because they are probably blabbing the news to everyone at their day camp, so the whole town will know soon.”

“I’m tickled for you. You do look radiant. Is that why you’ve had like two sips of your coffee? You never do like coffee much when you’re pregnant, and you didn’t order bacon. Man, we should have figured this out. Those are your two tells when you’re pregnant.” Becky Lee smiled at her friend. “You feeling okay? You had a bunch of morning sickness with Jeremy and Timmy.”

“I feel right as rain. Never better.”

“Hope it stays that way for you this time.” Jenny sat back down in her seat.

“Me, too. Life is a bit crazy now with Owen moving into the carriage house—at least when he’s in town—and the shop getting busy with the summer tourist season. I love living in the carriage house, it’s so convenient having it right behind the shop, but Owen is talking about buying some place a bit bigger for all of us. I just don’t know. The boys have had so many changes.”

“The carriage house only has the two bedrooms. It will be quite the squeeze after the baby is born.” Jenny crinkled her brow. “You could use that sunroom as a nursery, I guess. It would be a tight fit though.”

“I know. I do think we’ll need to move. If we do, then Owen could have an office at the house, too. I know he really wants that. It’s just a lot of changes.”

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