The Unexpected Wedding (Comfort Crossing Book 5)(5)

By: Kay Correll

“He’s probably right that you should move.” Becky Lee knew her friend loved the carriage house, but it really was too small for a growing family. “I bet he’ll find you something you’ll love.”

“I’m sure he will. I know he’s been looking. He said when he finds the perfect place, he’ll show me to make sure I like it. I’ve been looking at houses online, but I barely have enough time to breathe right now, much less traipse through a bunch of houses, so he’s doing all the beginning legwork on it.”

Becky Lee stood up. “I better go get all set for work before the lunch crowd gets here. Izzy, I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks, Bec.”

“I’ll see you guys soon.” Becky Lee headed to the storage room off the kitchen to get her server apron and get ready to start her shift.

~ * ~

Bella watched her friend walk away from the table. She turned to Jenny. “I almost felt bad telling Becky Lee about being pregnant. I know she’s always wanted kids. I’m sure she’s happy for me, but still, I know it must be hard for her.”

“I’m sure it is. I just wish she’d find someone as wonderful as Owen or Clay. She deserves it. I think it’s been years since she’s even dated someone for more than a handful of dates.”

“Well, she knows what she likes, always has. She’s never going to settle for anything else.”

“Sometimes what we think we need and is exactly right for us is different from what is really best for us.”

Bella laughed. “Like me and Owen. Never would have thought that one would work. He’s all fancy businessman from a big city, I’m a shop owner in a small town.”

“Yet, look how it all worked out.”

A wave of gratitude washed over Bella. She sometimes couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She and Owen did seem to be the perfect fit now—even if they came from totally different backgrounds. She placed her hand on her belly. Now she was having his baby.

A smile slipped across Jenny’s face when she noticed the hand on the belly movement, the one so many women had done for so many centuries. “Owen is in for another new experience in a few months.”

“He is. He’s excited, but I actually saw a bit of fear mixed in with it. He’s just getting used to living with my rowdy two, and now we’ll add another into the mix. I think he’s afraid he won’t be a good father. He sure has nothing to pattern fatherhood after.”

“It does sound like his father was a cold man.”

“You mean because he basically shipped Owen off to boarding school his whole life? Or how he refused to acknowledge Jake was his son?”

“Owen is nothing like that. You can see how hard he’s worked at gaining your boys’ trust. I don’t think he’s anything like his father.”

“He has been great with the boys. I’m sure he’ll be great with this new little one.”

Bella looked across the restaurant and saw Becky Lee watching them. She smiled at her friend, but self-consciously slipped her hand off her belly.


Cal pushed through the door to Steve Bergeron’s construction company with Scotty following closely behind him. A man looked up from the table he was standing behind and smiled. “You must be Cal. Larry called and said he was sending you my way. I’m Steve.”

Cal crossed the room and shook the man’s offered hand. A firm handshake. He could always tell a lot about a man from his handshake.

A small boy came running from a room off to the side followed closely by an Australian shepherd dog. They both skidded to a stop beside Steve. “Hi, I’m Josh. This is Louie.” He turned to Scotty. “What’s your name?”

“Scotty.” Scotty leaned over and patted the dog. The dog thumped his tail in response and wriggled in excitement.

“Dad, can I go show Scotty the fort I’m making out back?”

“If it’s okay with Cal.”

Cal had no idea what was okay and what wasn’t these days, but if Scotty wanted to go with the boy, and it took the haunted look from his eyes, he was good with that. Cal nodded.

Scotty, Josh, and Louie headed out the back door of the office.

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