The Unexpected Wedding (Comfort Crossing Book 5)(8)

By: Kay Correll

“Good to see you again.”


“Did you get all settled at the Sweet Tea?”

“We did. Thanks for the recommendation.”

“Can I have a grilled cheese?” The little boy looked up at her with bright blue eyes. They reminded her of someone, but she couldn’t quite connect the dots.

“You sure can. We make a great grilled cheese here. How about some fries with that?”

“Yep. And a shake. I can have a shake, can’t I?” Scotty looked at the man across from him.

“Sure thing. And I’ll have the meatloaf sandwich.”

“Another good choice. Comes with a salad.”

“Ranch dressing, please.” The man handed her the menus.

“It’ll be up in a flash.” Becky Lee took the menus and walked away, determined not to spin around to see if he was staring at her.

~ * ~

Cal watched Becky Lee walk away. She had some familiar mannerisms. The way she cocked her head to the side when she asked a question. A dimple on one cheek that wrinkled when she smiled. So familiar. He looked across at Scotty and saw him watching Becky Lee. Surely the boy hadn’t noticed. Maybe. He was pretty certain Scotty didn’t miss much and was wise beyond his years.

He needed to talk to her, but without Scotty hearing the conversation. He wasn’t sure how he was going to pull that off.

The door to the cafe opened and Steve and Josh stood in the doorway. He saw Josh talk to Louie, and the dog sat down outside the entrance. “I’ll be back after we eat. You stay here, Louie.” The boy followed his father inside. He tugged on his father’s hand. “Hey, Dad. Look. Let’s go eat with Scotty.”

They came over and Cal invited the two of them to sit. Becky Lee came and took their orders, and the boys talked nonstop through lunch. Well, Josh talked constantly, and Scotty joined in here and there. But at least Scotty was talking instead of just yes-no answers or slight nods. That was an improvement.

“Dad’s taking me to the park next. Have you been to the park? It’s cool. It’s got swings, and a merry-go-round and a fort. We could get my soccer ball out of Dad’s truck. Do you play soccer? I do. I’m good at it, aren’t I Dad? You wanna come, Scotty?”

Scotty looked at Cal.

“We could do that.” Cal turned to Steve. “I really need to talk to Becky Lee for a few minutes first.”

“How about I take the boys on over to the park, and you join us there when you’re finished?”

Relief washed over Cal, that would work. He’d have a chance to talk to Becky Lee without Scotty overhearing. “Thank you.”

They paid their bills, and Steve headed out with the boys. Cal sat at the counter until Becky Lee rang out the last customer from the lunch crowd.

“Becky Lee. How much longer is your shift?”


“I need to talk to you.”

“What about?”

“I’d rather wait until you’re finished here.”

He could see the unease in her eyes. “I need… to talk to you.”

“You’re acting all mysterious.”

“It’s important. Really important. I just need a bit of your time.”

“We can talk here.”

“I mean privately.”

“Not to sound suspicious or anything, but I don’t even know you. Why do you need to talk to me, and why privately?”

He drew in a deep breath. She had a point. He sounded like a crazy stalker. He thrust out his hand. “Cal Gray.”

She shook his hand but then pulled back. “So, Cal Gray, nice to meet you. Now, what did you want to talk about?” She stood firmly planted behind the counter.

“Look, it would really be better somewhere… private.”

“It will have to be here.”

“I just… listen… it’s about your sister.”

Becky Lee eyed him suspiciously. “Which one?”


“Theresa Jean?”

“Please. Can we talk?”

Becky Lee looked closely at him for a long moment and he shifted uneasily, not entirely sure she’d agree to talk with him. She finally nodded. “Okay. We’ll grab a table in the back.” She turned to another young woman. “Keely, I’m going to take my break now, that okay with you?”

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