The Werewolf Tycoon's Secret Baby(8)

By: Saranna DeWylde

He shuddered thinking about the bone fairies. Nasty fuckers. “No. There’s a Woolven heir.”

Blake coughed. “What? Excuse me? It’s not—Damn Parker. I told you someone should’ve had the talk with him about the birds, bees, and puppies.”

Drew felt his lip curl into a smirk even though his brother couldn’t see it. “It’s not Parker.”

“You?” There was a long silence. “Who is she? Does she pose a threat to the Secret?”

“The woman from Santorini I told you about, Emmie Anderson. She’s here in Den Hollow.” He took a deep breath. “With the boy—my son.”

“Are you sure?” Blake asked. “You know, with these kinds of resources at stake—”

“He has the birthmark, and I’ve seen him Change.”

“Shit. I assume you’ve already extended the invitation to Aphelion? Westwood can help with that.”

“I tried explaining that to her. She’s not interested.”

“Of course she’s not,” Blake replied drily. “Is she your mate?”

“I know my duty.” The words were sour on his tongue. He did, indeed, know his duty and it wasn’t with the lovely, golden, perfect Emmie—the mother of his child. It was his duty to care for them, but he couldn’t mate her. Not with the packs at war. They needed more alliances, and those were cemented with marriage—mating. Parker had already screwed up by marrying some waitress instead of the DeVaughn heiress. Uncle Warner was currently falling on that sword.

“I didn’t ask you about your duty. Is she your mate?”

“Yes.” That wasn’t the right answer. Well, it was the truthful one, but it he shouldn’t have said it, because it wasn’t an option.

“Then that supersedes everything else.”

“She doesn’t have anything to offer to Woolven.” Even as Drew spoke the words, he wanted to scrub them from his tongue. “I’ll do my duty.”

“Don’t be stupid. There’s a Woolven heir. Your duty is to protect him and his mother. Which means you need to bite her, mate her, and marry her. In that order.”


“Are you really arguing with me, little brother?”

He could feel the weight of Blake’s Alpha power radiating over him, even across the phone. “Yeah, I am. Because I know you’re a good man and a noble wolf. You wouldn’t keep me from my true mate. But I know it’s best for the pack.”

“What’s best for the pack is protecting the heir. What’s best for the pack is showing the other nations that we’re strong enough to honor the bonds of true mates. We don’t need to harm our wolves to make alliances to stay strong. This is actually the best thing that could’ve happened. We’ve had candidates from all over the sub packs to be your bride. None of them are suitable, aside from the Ardennes offering, Victoria. But I have a feeling she belongs with Armand. She’s been locking horns with him since he got there.”

Drew sighed. “I want her, but she doesn’t want me. And don’t tell me to mark her against her will. I saw how you were with Randi.” His brother had refused to mark his mate against her will, even to keep her safe. Luckily, she’d come to the decision herself.

“It may not come down to what she wants, if she wants to stay alive. You know it takes an act of the Great Council to allow new humans to live with knowledge of our world. How do you think that vote would go?”

Rage boiled his blood and tore away his human veneer. His wolf rose and the Change came over him, his warrior form erupting from his flesh in a volcanic fury. His phone snapped in the grasp of his great claws, ending the call abruptly. He knew exactly how the vote would go. Emmie would die.

But they’d have to go through him first.

Drew got a grip on himself and forced his body back to his human form. He was extra pissed he’d torn the leather seats in his SUV. He didn’t know how other werewolves survived who couldn’t afford to replace all the shit they destroyed when they Changed.

He’d shredded his favorite suit, too.


He looked up just as he was about to put the vehicle in drive and saw a shock of rainbow hair blowing around in the breeze.

Gin. She held a pink box with a big, cream organza bow.

Sugar fairies were his favorite people.

She waved and motioned for him to roll down his window.

“Checking to make sure I didn’t eat your friend?” he teased.

The fairy laughed. “You wouldn’t, not in any way she wouldn’t enjoy.” She winked at him. “I was able to whip up some more champagne truffles.”

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