Throttle's Seduction(Insurgents MC Romance Book 7)(10)

By: Chiah Wilder

A couple hours later, Kimber swung her leg over her metallic pink Harley and made her way to her small house on the outskirts of town. She wanted to live in the town, but the rents were too expensive and she didn’t want to spend all her money on housing. Her house was a cute two-bedroom/one-bathroom in a semi-shady part of town. Her next-door neighbors were a couple in their late twenties, and they made her feel very welcome. They seemed to have a perpetual barbecue, and Chyna was always coming over and knocking on Kimber’s door with an invite. She’d gone over a couple times, but mostly she wanted to just crash and veg in front of the TV, watching her favorite shows after a long day of work in the garage.

She didn’t think either Chyna or her boyfriend, Delacoma, worked since they were always home, drinking on the front porch, the back patio, in lawn chairs—anywhere they could find a place to plop their butts down. Lenora from across the street told her they were on disability and supplemented their income with garage sales, but Kimber didn’t want to be a part of the gossip group in the neighborhood. As long as people left her the hell alone, she didn’t give a shit what they did.

She turned her swamp cooler on, and a damp smack of cool air covered her. She made her way to the bathroom for a quick cold shower. After thirty minutes, she was cooled down, lounging on the couch while munching on a large salad filled with nuts, feta cheese, pineapple, and sunflower seeds, and sipping a cold bottle of Coors. Grabbing the remote, she switched on the TV.

During her show, an ad for a motorcycle accident attorney came on, and her mind drifted to Throttle. When she’d first looked at him, she’d been surprised by how good-looking he was, with his long brown hair and big dark eyes that could make a woman lose her senses. He was tall, ripped, and the tats on his arms intrigued her; they were sexy, especially the ones curling around his sculpted biceps. And his strong jaw and straight nose made his rugged good looks seem more refined. The three earrings in his right ear and the dangling silver chain in his left made her stomach tighten. Too bad he’d opened his mouth. If he weren’t so insufferable, she could imagine riding on the back of his Harley.

Wait! What the fuck are you thinking, Kimber? He’s a nice-looking jerk. They’re a dime a dozen. And he’s an outlaw biker. No fuckin’ way! She’d bet he had a woman in his bed all the time. She could definitely guarantee that he wouldn’t be faithful to any woman. He was just like her ex. Chewy saw women as playthings, as commodities. She shook her head. These fuckin’ bikers are all alike. The only reason she was even thinking of Throttle was because she’d been going through a dry spell for the last six months. She didn’t want to do anything stupid because of her hormones. Then she remembered cowboy man. She’d give Riley a chance. She hoped he was tall and ripped with sexy tats on his arms. Long brown hair would be good too. Stop it, Kimber! The biker’s a douche.

She placed her empty bowl on the table and drained her beer bottle. Settling back, she sighed and hoped Riley was at least tall and had one skull tattoo. Turning up the volume, she watched zombies stalk survivors on the screen.

Chapter Four

The following morning, Throttle entered Hawk’s shop and went straight to his buddy’s office. Without knocking, he went inside and plopped into one of the leather chairs in front of the desk. Hawk waved to him as he continued his conversation on the phone, and Throttle glanced around his friend’s workplace as he waited.

“Hey,” Hawk said as he put his phone down.

“Did you hire a fuckin’ chick to work on the bikes?”

Hawk chuckled. “Dwayne told me you were upset about Kimber working here.”

“So you did? What the fuck, brother?”

“She’s a damn good mechanic. Bruce called me and asked if I needed some help in the shop. You know summer’s the high season for me. I told him I did, and he said that Kimber had been working for him for over two years and was a kickass mechanic. She learned all that shit from her dad when she was growing up. I said I’d give her a try, and she’s one of my best.”

“A fuckin’ chick?”

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