Trouble on Tap(3)

By: Avery Flynn

“What?” He followed her into the room, depositing his cufflinks in a small bowl by the now-closed elevator doors. “Thinking you were going to walk naked down the hallway didn’t make that sweet pussy of yours even softer and wetter for me?” He made fast work of the buttons on his crisp white shirt as he prowled across the room, stripping as he went. “You forget; I know you. I know everything about you. I know what turns you on. What makes you melt. What makes you keep coming back for more.”

He stopped halfway to her, his hands on the top button of his pants. Naked from the waist up, he was fucking perfection. Broad shoulders. Muscles that rippled with his every move. A knowing smirk that got her wet faster than the rest of the package because he was right. He did know her—the good, the bad and the Sweet.

She turned around and walked over to him with enough of a runway stomp to make her breasts jiggle. Pushing away his hands, she unfastened his pants then let her touch linger on his closed zipper. “And the security guard watching the feed?”

“Oh, I paid him very well to ignore that particular monitor tonight.” He brushed the back of his knuckles across her puckered nipple before pinching it between his thumb and first finger and pulling it taut. “The time for playing with zippers is over, Olivia.”

A smartass retort died on her lips when he grabbed her hips and tossed her over his shoulder. Her cheek landed against the sinewy planes of his back. She smoothed her palms against his muscle as he strode out of the living room and into the bedroom. He kept her like that, with her hips across his shoulder and her bare ass in the air, as he flipped off his shoes. His pants were next.

“Just look at that.” He rubbed circles across her butt.

Bracing her hands against his back, she lifted herself and twisted enough to look over his shoulder. He’d stopped in front of a full-length mirror. He was watching her, and she couldn’t look away from him as her gaze traveled up from his thick, corded thighs to the hard cock jutting from their juncture. He looked good enough to make a girl pray for mercy.

“I could stare at your ass all night.” He smacked it lightly, the delicious sting spreading from her cheeks to her clit.

“That seems like a waste of the evening,” she said, her breathy tone giving away exactly how beyond teasing she was.

He pivoted away from the mirror and flung her onto the king-size bed. Her landing was as soft as he was hard. His hands glided up the outside of her thighs with a firm pressure as his lips, maddeningly soft, traveled up the inside of her left leg. The higher he reached, the less she could think. All she could do was feel the rasp of his five o’clock shadow on her calf, the sharp sting of his teeth as he nipped the soft flesh above her knee, and the pressure of his thumbs as he gripped high on her thighs and pushed her legs wide.

“My good-luck charm is so wet for me.” He circled her opening with a finger before plunging it inside. “After how you made me wait in the elevator, I should tease you until you beg for my cock.”

She lifted her hips off the bed, taking his finger in deeper. It was good, but not enough. What she craved was thicker, longer and more filling than his finger. “Please.”

He added a second finger. “Tell me what you want.”

“You.” She dropped back to the bed and reached out to the bedside table. They’d done this in enough hotel rooms that she knew exactly where to find what she was looking for. “Inside me.” She yanked open the drawer, reached inside, pulled out a condom and threw it at him. “Now.”

He reached up one large hand and snagged it out of the air as it flew overhead. “Impatient, aren’t you?”

Watching him roll the latex up his hard cock robbed her of speech. Her entire body buzzed with need as she planted her feet on the mattress and lifted her hips high, offering herself to him. Something dark and hungry flickered in his gaze as he grabbed her waist and buried himself inside her, filling her up with one smooth push. Relishing the sense of wholeness she only felt when she was like this with Mateo, she slowly undulated her hips, loving how he fit her in all the best ways, in all the right places.

He groaned and threw his head back as he met her thrust for thrust. Hot. Hungry. Hard. It was always like this between them. Like an explosion just waiting to go off.

The penthouse suite wasn’t the draw when it came to Mateo. His body, even as hard and mouthwatering as it was, didn’t make her breath catch. It was the confidence in how he moved. It was the raw power that rippled the air around him. It was the way he carried himself, as if nothing bad in the world could touch him because nothing ever had.

It was all of that and something she couldn’t put her finger on but it had wrapped around her heart the first time she’d spotted him during a grade-school slumber party at her friend Luciana’s house. A part of her had always loved her best friend’s older brother and, up until now, having secret fuck-buddy agreement had been enough.

But her life was changing. Fast. Her modeling days were ending and the idea of calm normality didn’t scare her nearly as much now as it had when she’d run away from Salvation, promising to never go back.

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