Trust Me:Rivers Edge - Book 1(4)

By: Lacey Black

Avery finally makes her way to Jake throwing her arms around his neck. He picks her up and spins her around like a rag doll. A very beautiful rag doll. When he sets her back down on the floor, my eyes once again collide with hers. She gives me a small, shy smile making my pants tighter in an instant. I give her a quick, cocky grin and then turn my attention back to the television. The last thing I need is to embarrass myself in front of the entire Stevens family. Jake would kick my ass if he knew what just happened below my belt. Hell, I want to kick my own ass right now.

“Hey, Avery,” I say casually over my shoulder and avoid further eye contact. Looking in her eyes is like looking at the sun. You’re blinded instantly by their sheer beauty. By their depth. By their utter sexiness.

“Hi, Maddox,” she replies in her sweet voice. It reminds me of sex: a little breathless mixed with a little need. And there I go, again, with the wood. So, I turn back fully towards the TV and watch the start of the post-game show.

“Did the ‘Boys win?” she asks Jake as they both turn their attention to the television.

“Had us on the edge of our damn seats until the last minute, but they pulled it off,” Jake replies. “Where’s my niece?”

“She’s stuffing her face with cookies and candy in the kitchen with Mom,” Avery replies with a smile on her face. Whenever she talks about her little girl I notice that she smiles. You can hear it in her voice.

I know absolute zilch about kids, but, I have to admit that this one is cute as hell. Brooklyn is the spitting image of Avery with long blond hair, a beautiful heart shaped face, and crystal blue eyes that make the exotic waters of Hawaii look dull and uninviting. I’m glad Brooklyn looks so much like her mom. I’d hate for her to resemble her douchebag father, Drake Connor, in any way. That dick doesn’t deserve to have anyone resemble him, nor does he have the right to look at Avery and Brooklyn and bask in their simple beauty.

“Hey, I thought on my next day off this week I would stop by and switch vehicles with you so I can change the oil and do all the other maintenance you girls always forget to do,” Jake says.

“I don’t forget! I just know that you’re going to insist on doing it all yourself, Mr. Control Freak, so I sit back and let you to avoid the argument. Come and get it whenever you want it. I’ll leave you some money.”

“I don’t want your damn money, Avery. I already have the oil and filters at my house. I’ll swing by your house before you leave for work or trade vehicles after you get to work,” Jake decrees.

“That sounds good to me either way. Just let me know when so I can get it cleaned out beforehand. Don’t want you yelling at me,” Avery says with a big smile on her face.

“Jesus, woman. Why do you insist on pushing all my buttons?” Jake asks with a stern shake of his head.

“It’s my job as little sister. Besides, it’s a lot of fun,” she replies with another grin and giggles.

“Speaking of jobs, how’s the new one going?” Jake asks.

“Good. Mr. Andrews is a great boss and is really flexible when it comes to Brooklyn. He understands I’m a single mom and allows me to take time to tend to her needs whenever I need to.”

“He’s a cool old bird so I didn’t think he’d give you any troubles where Bean is concerned,” Jake says.

I turn back around and re-enter the conversation. “Jake mentioned that you got a new job a few months back. What are you doing?” I ask even though I already know, making eye contact with her for the first time since the whole conversation started.

“I’m working at Andrews and Levine Law Office in town. I’m the administrative assistant to Mr. Andrews making his coffee, answering the phones, managing his schedule, and plenty of typing. Unfortunately, since he’s so close to retirement and will be turning the entire business over to his son-in-law, he’s not taking any new clients these days so the days tend to be long.”

“Sounds kinda boring,” I reply after taking the last swig from my beer bottle.

“Oh, it is,” she says with a laugh. “But he pays me really well and lets me leave if I need to take care of Brooklyn. Plus, he hired me with no experience what so ever. He’s a sweet ol’ man.”

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