Trust Me:Rivers Edge - Book 1(9)

By: Lacey Black

I start to jog again, heading back towards home. I take a moment to actually entertain the thought of living in a house like that one, maybe a wife and kids waiting there for me when I get home from work. Someone like Avery who is funny and sweet and sexy as hell. A kid like Brooklyn and maybe a brother or two.

The thought of a future with Avery doesn’t completely turn my stomach which actually might scare me most of all.

After tucking Brooklyn into bed and reading three different princess stories, I grab my phone and head to the front porch. I hit the best friend lottery when I met Holly Jenkins in seventh grade. We met during volleyball after we both discovered we weren’t exactly the athletic type, and we’ve been joined at the hip ever since. Besides my mom, she’s the only other person I confide in and truly trust. When everything with Drake came to a head, she wiped my tears, answered her phone at all hours of the night, held my hand in the bathroom when I peed on that stick and waited for the plus sign, and held my hair back when I threw up everything I ate that first trimester. She’s Brooklyn’s Godmother, and I know she loves my little girl like she’s her own. She’s proof that blood isn’t the only thing that makes a couple of girls sisters.

I press speed dial number one and wait for her to answer. She’s five feet four of dynamite with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes. Where I might be more quiet and reserved, Holly will tell it like it is. Sometimes her honesty can be a hard pill to swallow, but ultimately, she’s always upfront and direct with me and has my best interest at heart. We just click.

“You’re late,” she said in way of her greeting.

“I had to read an extra princess story to the little princess tonight,” I reply, sitting down on the front porch swing with a glass of water. I love my porch swing. I would sit here year-round if I could get away with it.

“Well, I guess I’ll let it slide…this time.” I hear the humor in her voice because we both know that this won’t be anywhere close to the last time I call her late. She starts to tell me all about her shift at the ER that day. She works days with my brother, Will, at Rivers Edge Health Center, the small hospital in town. Will has been a paramedic for three years and rotates between working the ER with Holly and working the rig. Holly loves it, saying that every patient who comes in is different and keeps her on her toes. She’s the best nurse I know. She was born to heal and help. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve used her as my own personal nurse a time or two.

Our conversation progresses into Sunday family dinner night. She always asks and I wonder if it’s because she’s genuinely curious or if it has more to do with my brother Will. Holly knows about my ongoing childhood crush on Maddox. She’s the only one who knows, for that matter.

“Maddox was there this week,” I said after I swallow a big gulp of water.

“Really? Did you tell him you’re madly in love with him and want to have screaming sex with him?”

“Of course not! He doesn’t like me. He looks at me like I’m his best friend’s little sister.”

“You are his best friend’s little sister,” she replies dryly.

“I know that, but I’m not a little girl anymore. He still sees me as the little girl who followed him and Jake around all the time, staring up at him with big googly eyes and a dorky brace-face smile.”

She chuckles a little at that one. “You know, if you don’t go for it with him, he’s going to find someone else to wrap those strong arms around and shower with kisses from those mouth-watering, to-die-for lips.”

“Geez, Holl. Are you sure you’re not the one with the massive crush?” I ask mostly as a joke, but realize that the thought of Holly crushing on Maddox wasn’t that funny at all.

“Every woman in town notices that man. You should just walk up to him, throw your arms around him, and kiss him. I bet you won’t be disappointed.”

“Well, I’ll keep that in mind,” I reply, knowing good and well that I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

“Hey, why don’t we go out next Saturday night? It’s been a while since we went to Jack’s for some drinks and pool. I bet your mom would keep Brookie Bean for you until Sunday dinner.”

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