Turn Over:A Secret Baby Sports Romance(10)

By: Violet Paige

“If you’ll excuse me. I’ve got to make some bids. Want to make my contributions for the kids. Nice meeting you folks.” I nodded at them and strolled away toward the room with the auction items.

I started at one end of the long room and pretended to scan over the donated items. Each one started with a minimum bid of a thousand dollars. There were golf packages. Trips to Maui. I saw a signed print of the Warriors and walked past it. It was more up-to-date than the one in Applewhite’s office.

I scribbled my name on a set of golf clubs. I looked around for something else. Coach said I needed to win some of the higher dollar pieces to draw attention to my generosity. The whole thing was bullshit. Tomorrow morning I’d have to tell that dick Charlie how much I paid out.

I moved to the next table. There was a diamond ring. Too small for the Crawfords, I thought. There were fur coats. I saw a trip for two to Greece. I sure as hell wasn’t bidding on that.

“Oh, are you bidding on the horses?” a smooth voice spoke next to me.

I turned to see who was watching me. She was cute, but dangerous. I could tell from the deep V-cut of her dress. It dipped all the way to her navel, revealing creamy white skin.

“Just looking,” I answered. My eyes locked on her stomach.

“I love to ride.” She picked up the pamphlet on the stables. “Really ride.” She grinned.

Fuck. Did Coach know this was going to happen? Was this some kind of personal hell he had put me in to test me? The bartender. The hot as shit wife. And now this little sex kitten talking about riding. My cock twitched.

I took a deep breath. “I’m from Texas. We all know how to ride horses.” I bent down to add my name to the list. I didn’t know what I would do with a pair of pedigree horses, but I wasn’t going to walk away. The woman was basically purring on me, coaxing me to place a bid.

“So, if you win the horses, you’ll take me for a riding lesson?” Her red lips curled in a smile.

“I thought you already knew how to ride.” I straightened my shoulders. She was making this hard.

She picked up the pen from the auction clipboard, tore off a corner of the list, and scribbled her phone number on the scrap of paper.

“If you win, call me. You might teach me something new.” She handed me her number and sashayed away, showing me how deliciously curvy her ass was.

I held my spot in front of the horse display, willing myself not to chase after her. Women were falling from the sky tonight. Coach thought he was sending me somewhere safe, but he might as well have sent me straight to a strip club.

What I needed was a fucking drink.

I added my name to a few more of the lists before the lights started to flicker in the auction room. An announcer piped in over the loud speakers, “Ladies and gentleman, if you’d please finalize your bids and move to the main lobby. The concert will begin in five minutes.”

I had forgotten about the concert. Lexi Wilde was performing tonight. I’d listen to the first few songs and then call my driver. I didn’t need to stick around until the end of the show.

She wasn’t my kind of music. All she sang about was falling in love, family, and living out dreams. I knew who she was because she was on every single Texas country station. She was interviewed every night. You couldn’t get away from the girl. Her bright blue eyes and innocent smile were plastered on magazine covers and billboards.

I followed the crowd to the lobby where the mayor of Austin was prepared to cut the ribbon for the opening of the hospital. At least the damn symphony had stopped. I looked up to see long black curtains draped over the side with LW interlaced in white.

I listened to the mayor’s speech, while the people around me bobbed their heads in agreement. I posed for a few pictures with fans and then skirted my way to the front. I stepped off to the side. I figured the closer I was to the star, the less likely I was to be the center of attention.

The lights dimmed and I rolled my eyes as the tuxedo and sequin-clad audience clapped as if we were at a golf tournament. This party couldn’t be duller. I was sober. I had paid a fortune for crap I was never going to use, and I’d lost sight of Vienna Crawford. She probably had to leave early to get her husband tucked in bed.

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