Turn Over:A Secret Baby Sports Romance(5)

By: Violet Paige

He could end me. With two words. Two little words and my career would be over. Everyone would know Lexi Wilde was a fraud.

Jake controlled me and I had no way out.



“What the fuck?”

I stared at her picture. I’d remember a pretty face like that. And yes, I was a womanizer, but I wasn’t a fucking idiot. I used protection for accusations like this one. I knew what women wanted when they got in bed with me, and it wasn’t usually a night of hot sex. They wanted money. They wanted fame. They wanted a way to be noticed.

There were advantages. It kept things light. I didn’t get trapped into relationships. I had freedom. The way I saw it, it was perfect. The women came and went and my status never changed. I had what every man wanted. I learned to be careful.

“Luke, you’re a train wreck.” Coach stood from his desk and paced in front of his windows. They faced the practice field. He could watch us sweat from here while he called plays to the assistants on the field. There was one thing this office had—AC.

“Hold on. I don’t even know this girl. You can’t expect me to respond to this. It happens all the time.”

“And that’s the problem.” He spun around. “The drinking. The gambling. The partying. The women. It happens constantly and it has to stop. You’re out of control. It’s all out of control.”

“I didn’t sleep with that girl.” I gritted my teeth. “She’s extorting you for money. You have to see it.”

Mr. McCade plucked the picture and returned it to the silk lining against his chest. “That may be, but she has a compelling case. And all we need is one woman to come forward to the press, and see how many more follow after her. She’s the beginning of your worst nightmare. How many kids do you think you have out there?”

“She’s lying. She has no proof because it didn’t happen. I didn’t sleep with her.” I paused. I hadn’t missed the last question. “And the answer is none. I don’t have any kids. I like women, but I have no interest in becoming a father.”

“See, Luke what you don’t seem to understand is that no one would believe you. There are more pictures of you stumbling home, than there are of you with nice, respectable women. You have a reputation in this town. You have given the Warriors a reputation. And it’s going to stop.”

I felt the anger rising. I refrained from balling my hands into fists. I wasn’t going to knock out the team’s owner or the Coach, but I was seeing red. One bullshit lie, and they were coming down on me like I had done something wrong. I hadn’t even touched that girl.

“What are you implying?” I asked.

Coach was doing most of the talking now. “There are provisions in your contract for moral conduct.” His eyebrows rose. “We can cite you for violating multiple infractions of the Warriors’ code of ethics.”

I shot up from the couch, almost losing my towel in my rage. “The hell you can.”

Mr. McCade folded his hands in his lap. “You’re a valuable quarterback, Luke, but right now you’re more of a liability to this franchise. I don’t want my family legacy soiled by your antics. The McCades have everything at stake here. This is our team—not yours. This is your last warning.”

I glared at each of them, my eyes darting with fury. “Where’s Linc? Why didn’t you call him in for the meeting?”

Coach pressed his knuckles into the desk. “Your so-called manager? Your brother?”

I nodded. We all knew who Linc was. Applewhite was just being a dick. Linc took care of the business aspects of my life. He should be here getting me out of this damn meeting.

“He has about as much control over you as a wild bronco. He wasn’t invited. This is between you and your contract.”

I was tempted to end the meeting right now. Refuse to talk without my manager present, but it was better to get this over with. I wanted to know where this was headed.

“Spell it out. What do you want from me?”

“Clean up your act. Stop coming to practice reeking from the night before. No more gambling. Hire a damn driver. Choose your friends wisely.” Applewhite rocked on his heels. “And no more women. None.”

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