By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

“Do you want some help, Dad?” Blake Carson asked.

Her dad was working on the engine of his car in the driveway of their house in the little quaint village of West County.

He glanced up, staring at her. She saw his frown, and his lips pressed together.


It was a simple word, and yet it was loaded with so much heartache, at least to her. Being an only child, Blake was aware her father wanted a son. There had been complications with her birth, and now her mother couldn’t have any more kids, so he wouldn’t be having a son. All they had was Blake. And she was such a disappointment to him. He’d never outright said it. She had only heard his yearning when it came to wanting a son.

“Oh, okay.”

“Blake, shouldn’t you be in school?” He was still frowning, but this had to be the most he’d ever spoken to her in a single morning. Actually, not so much. She did recall times when they used to talk. At least, she did all the talking.

“I’m heading there now.”

“Go on then,” her father said. “You don’t want to be late.”

Blake went to say something more, but what was the point? Her dad wanted nothing to do with her because she wasn’t a boy. Even now she was used to him saying, “if only you were a boy”. He never said it to her face, and never aloud. Many times over the years she’d tried to fill the boy role, watching football, attempting to read a car manual, even trying to design things. Nothing. She wasn’t interested in cars, or a bunch of guys running around.

She wasn’t a boy, even though as far as she was concerned, she had a boy’s name. Leaving her home, she made her way toward the County high school. On the way she was going to stop by Isabella’s—or Izzy as she liked to be called—house, and wait for her.

At seventeen years old, Blake was used to her father’s lack of interest in her. Her mother was the same. Even though she had been born a girl, her mother had wanted a blonde starlet for her to show off. Blake was the complete opposite. Brown hair, brown eyes, plain features, and she was really shy. It took her six years of school to finally make friends with Izzy. They were the complete opposite of one another. Izzy was outgoing while she wasn’t. Blake never felt the need to impress the people at school. She didn’t care about the style of her clothes, or what was the latest fashion. She simply didn’t fit in, and she didn’t care that she didn’t.

“Morning,” Izzy said, running out of her front door. “Today is such a beautiful day.”


“There’s a new boy coming today. Well, I hear he’s a bit of a rebel, and I intend to be the one he looks at.”

The new boy that was going to be attending their high school. Someone new coming to County High was big news. No one knew anything even as they all pretended to know something.

“You’re beautiful,” Blake said.

“So are you,” Izzy said. “Don’t sell yourself short.”

If Izzy wasn’t so determined to fit in, she’d be the most awesome friend. Izzy gave in to peer pressure, and there were many times that she left Blake in order to go with the popular kids. Regardless of her somewhat flaky attitude, Izzy’s comments were sweet. Blake’s mother found her ugly, and told her regularly she had to work on her looks if she ever hoped to get a guy.

That hadn’t been recently though. Lately, her mother had started asking her about school, and what she liked. Blake found it was easier to stay out of her mother’s life. Her father didn’t think much of her either. He certainly never contradicted her mother. She was used to being plain, boring, ugly. They were words that actually gave her some semblance of comfort. She was the plain Jane, the boring person that was left alone. There was nothing she could do about it.

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