Under Her(6)

By: Samantha Towle

Unlike me. Apparently, I have no fucking say in what happens in my life.

“Hey, man.” I pat Coop on the back, taking the stool next to him.

“Hey. Your usual?” he asks me.


He signals to the bartender and orders me a Corona.

“So, what’s up?” he asks.

“Everything.” My life. Morgan goddamn Stick-Up-Her-Ass-Ford.

I drag my hands down my face and let out a groan.

“That bad?”

“Worse,” I tell him.

The bartender puts my beer in front of me. I pick it up and down half of the bottle before putting it back down.

“Better?” Coop asks.

“Nope.” I slide a look at him. “Mom and Dad went behind my back and hired someone to come and work with me. A ‘co-CEO.’” I air-quote.

“Shit. You’re kidding.”

“Wish I were.” I sigh. “And it gets worse. The person they’ve hired to share my job with me is Morgan Stickford.”

“Morgan Stickford…” Coop’s brows draw together in thought.

“We went to Northwestern with her,” I say. “She always used to sit in the front row. Wore those baggy-ass sweaters all the time. I used to call her Morgan Stick-Up-Her-Ass-Ford.”

“Oh, yeah.” Coop clicks his fingers in recognition. “Curvy. Blonde hair.”

“That’s the one.”

“Fuck…she hated your guts in college, man.” Coop laughs as he picks up his beer and takes a drink. “Why was that?”

“I guess she thought I was a rich prick.”

“You are. But so am I. And she didn’t hate me.”

“Who didn’t hate you?” Dom drops into the stool next to Coop.

“Morgan Stickford,” Coop tells him. “You remember her from Northwestern?”

“God, yeah. Haven’t heard that name in a while though. I used to work shifts with her at Starbucks.”

Unlike Coop and me, Dom’s family wasn’t rich. He was at Northwestern on a scholarship. But he created this dating app after he graduated, and it went big. Really big.

“Did you?” I say to Dom. “How did I not know that?”

Dom shrugs. “She was a nice girl. Didn’t like you though, if I remember right.”

“She hated his guts,” Coop clarifies.

“Thanks for the reminder.” I grimace at him.

“I’ll have a draft beer,” Dom tells the bartender, who just approached. “Why are we talking about Morgan Stickford anyway?” he asks.

“Because Wild’s mom and dad just hired her to be the CEO at his company.”

“What?” Dom’s head swivels to me. “I thought you were getting the job.”

“I am. They are bringing her in as co-CEO. Apparently, they think I need a woman’s perspective to help me run the company, which is just fucking bullshit and a massive fucking insult.”

“Feel for you, man.” Dom pats my shoulder and then picks up the beer the bartender just put in front of him.

“What are you gonna do?” Coop asks me.

“Not much I can do.” I shrug. “Morgan’s coming in tomorrow, and the announcement will be made to the rest of the staff. Then, I have to share my company with her.”

God, I fucking hate my life right now.

And I know hate is a very strong word, so I won’t use it in reference to my parents, but I will say that I seriously, intensely do not like them right now.

“And that’s it?” Dom says. “You’re just gonna sit back and accept it.”

Coop laughs. “Come on, this is Wilder we’re talking about. No fucking way will he just roll over and take this. At least, not without a fight.”

“Oh, I intend to fight all right.” And I’ll fight as dirty as I need to. But I need to get my battle plan together, and I can’t do that until I meet with Morgan tomorrow and know what her deal is. “But, right now, I’m gonna have a drink with my buddies and maybe shoot some pool later. Who’s with me?”

“Always with you, man,” Coop says. “But I think we need something stronger than beer for this.” He signals the bartender. “Three shots of Jägermeister,” he tells him.

“No shots,” I tell Coop. “I’ve got work in the morning.”

I can’t be hungover when I meet Morgan. Especially not when I have to stand there during the big announcement of her new role in the company.

The thought alone makes me want to puke all over this bar.

“I don’t want a shot. I’ve got an early meeting tomorrow,” Dom tells Coop.

“Stop being pussies, the pair of you. Just one shot won’t kill you.”

“Fine.” I sigh. “One shot, and that’s it.”

“Sure thing, man.” Coop grins.

The bartender pours out our drinks. “Enjoy.”

Coop picks up a glass and holds it out to us. “Let’s toast.”

“What the fuck do I have to toast about? How I just lost half of my company?”

“You didn’t lose half of your company, dickface.” Coop chuckles. “Morgan’s just taking half of your job.”

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