Unremarkable (Anything But #2)(73)

By: Lindy Zart

“You know, this isn’t how I expected us to be together.”

She looked up and caught the touch of humor in his eyes. “I don’t think anyone would ever pick this as a way to be with someone.”

“He said he picked us to be together, when we were babies. Do you believe that? Do you believe it's true?”

“He says lots of things.” Honor turned her gaze from the heat of his. “What does it matter anyway?”

He answered slowly, “It makes me think, that maybe out of all of the bad, there was something good, or something good was meant to happen in spite of it. Is that crazy?”

She shook her head, the intensity of Ryder's eyes making it hard for her to breathe. Instead of saying anything, she reached for his hand and clasped it in hers, looking at their interlaced fingers.

“Do you know what we are?”

She returned her eyes to his; his so close she could see the myriad of shades in greens and silvers in them. “We’re monsters.”

Ryder smiled sweetly, cupping her face within his palms. “No. We’re hope.”

“I don’t understand.”

Honor moved to put distance between them, wondering how they had gone through everything they had and ended up where they were. He didn’t let her get far before he gently tugged her back. She let him, allowing her eyelids to slide shut as he hugged her from behind, his cool cheek against hers. It was crazy, but she felt safe in his arms. With all the chaos around them, and even because of them, she was sheltered from it all, if she was near Ryder. She could even pretend none of it was going on. It was them and that was it. Nothing else existed.

He had been the boy she despised; she had been the girl he tormented. None of it had been real, not even what she’d told herself she’d felt for him. Underneath it all the truth had always been there. They were alike; had always been alike. What scared her most of all was that she didn’t want to lose him, no matter what. Be it good or bad, Honor wanted to be with him. Be it as a monster or a plain, unremarkable human.

Hands on her shoulders, his breath cool against the back of her neck; he said softly, “It’s hard to understand, at least right now. It’s even harder to explain. But I know something no one else does, not even August.”

He paused, and then placed his lips next to her ear as he said, “We are the cure.”

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