Until Harry(106)

By: L.A. Casey

I felt a cool breeze wrap around me, and it almost took my breath away.

“You’re definitely one of the loves of my life, and I’ll forever miss you.” I smiled, saddened. “Wait for me up there, okay? Your face is the first I want to see when it’s my time.”

I felt at peace with my uncle at that moment, and it was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. When I turned and walked away from my uncle’s grave, I had a smile on my face. I loved and missed him more than I could handle, and while I would forever wish to hold him just one more time, I knew that I’d get the chance to do it again one day.

I glanced over my shoulder as I walked away, and what I saw couldn’t logically be explained. Maybe it was my mind or heart playing tricks on me. I saw my uncle sitting on top of his gravestone, with his arms around the waist of my Aunt Teresa and her head thrown back against his shoulder as she laughed with glee. Behind my uncle, I saw Lavender, who was dancing around in the grass and flowers with a small child in her arms, a child that looked exactly like Kaden. He was laughing with delight as he was spun round and round.

I stopped and stared for a second, and when my uncle locked his eyes on mine, he winked, and it sent shivers up my spine. They faded away then, my Aunt Teresa, Kaden and then Lavender. My uncle hung around a little longer, as if to see me off safely, and it made me smile. I decided then that I didn’t want to see him fade away, because I knew he’d never be truly gone; I’d carry him around in my heart forever.

I smiled at him once more, then turned around and began to walk away, each step making me feel lighter than the last. Making me feel complete.

“I’ll see you later, Uncle Harry.”



I can’t believe I’m typing out the acknowledgements on yet another book, but this book – this is a story that is very special to me and holds a very dear place in my heart. I’ve laughed and cried while writing Lane’s journey, and I hope to have done her, Kale and Uncle Harry the justice they deserve. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without an important group of people who define the word “brilliant”.

My daughter – I love you so much, and after writing this book I’ll make sure to stare at you a little longer, hug you a little tighter and love you a lot harder. You are my world, babygirl.

My sister – what can I say about your crazy self? It’s quite simple, really; I love the bones off you. I am closer to you than any other person in my life, and there is no one else I would rather have as a partner in crime.

Yessi Smith – I never thought, when we first spoke over Facebook, that two years later we would be the best of friends. We talk every day about anything and everything, and we always have each other’s back. Your help on my stories is forever appreciated. Thank you for helping make my babies an even better read. You’re so important to me and I love you dearly.

Mary Johnson – You started out as a fan of my books and have grown to become a friend that I could, quite literally, not live without. Your friendship and support for my work and me are second to none, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life. I love you.

Mark Gottlieb – Thank you for going out on a limb for me and my stories. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to stand by me in this crazy literary world.

Melody Guy – Working with you has been an incredible experience. Your knowledge and editing style have helped me grow as a writer. I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for loving Lane, Kale and Uncle Harry as much as I do.

Sammia and the Montlake Publishing crew – Thank you for giving Until Harry a fighting chance. You read a forty-page rough draft and offered me a deal based on something I wrote without giving it much thought at the time. I’m so thankful and happy that you did.

You, the readers – I hope with everything in me that you enjoyed reading Until Harry. This book is completely different from anything I have ever written, and I hope you fall in love with a group of characters that rule my heart. Thank you for taking a gamble on me, and for making my passion my job. You’re all bloody brilliant!

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