Wardrobe Malfunction(4)

By: Samantha Towle

“Personal life?” I laugh. “What a fucking joke that is! I don’t have a personal life because everyone in the world is fucking privy to what goes on.”

“And you’re not exactly making it hard for them right now, are you?” he throws back at me.

I narrow my eyes at him. “What if I don’t feel like making a movie right now?” I fold my arms over my chest, pressing against the dull ache there.

He laughs. It’s not a humorous sound, and it makes me turn to him.

He gets to his feet. “They screwed you over, and it hurts like fuck. I get it. But you think this is the way to get back at them—drinking yourself into a coma and banging anything with a vagina? Get fucking real. You know this business, Vaughn. It can turn at the snap of a finger. At the moment, their popularity has crashed. They can’t get work for shit. No one will touch them. They couldn’t even get a call back for a toilet paper commercial at the moment…but it won’t last. We’ve seen it before. Angie and Brad each made twice as much in the year after their affair. They skyrocketed because their publicist swung it the right way. And the way you’re acting now is giving Piper’s publicist her meal ticket back to success.”

He swipes his finger over his screen and turns his phone to me again. There’s a picture of Piper, looking tearful.



“Vaughn’s alcoholism and constant womanizing pushed me into Cain’s arms,” a tearful Piper said. “Vaughn has a vicious temper.”

“You were scared of him?”

“Yes,” she answered softly, head bowed.

“Did Vaughn ever hit you?”


So, ladies and gentlemen, when Piper was faced with a violent alcoholic who cheated as much as Vaughn West did, then I guess it is understandable that she sought solace in another man’s arms.

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“That lying bitch,” I seethe, my hands curling into fists. “I never touched her.”

“I know that, but you hit Cain with the world watching.”

“Come on, Jack, you would have hit him if you were in my situation. Anyone would have.”

“You’re right, but it’s easy to twist and manipulate things to look differently, and Piper’s proven she’s good at lying. Then, there’s your behavior as of late—the drinking and the women. It’s giving Piper’s people the tools to swing this however they want. Piper is getting sympathy by bringing you down. It’s not too late to stop it, but we need to take action now, Vaughn.

“I’ve let you have your time to be hurt and angry, but it’s enough now. I need you to clean yourself up. I need you out of the press for whom you’re fucking and back in it for what you’re working on next. You want revenge for what they did to you, Vaughn? Then, revenge is cleaning yourself up and getting back to work, stepping over them and climbing right back to the top.”

He’s right.

I know he’s right.

This isn’t me. Who I want to be.

But I’ve never been hurt like this before. It’s almost like I don’t know what to do with the hurt, so I ignore it, and when it becomes too much to ignore, I drink and fuck it away…until it comes back, and then I rinse and repeat.

Piper’s betrayal hurt. But Cain’s betrayal hurt way more.

He was my friend for ten years. I would’ve taken a bullet for the guy.

And he slept with my girlfriend.

I almost laugh out loud at the cliché of it.

Best friend fucks girlfriend for months under the nose of the boyfriend, and he has no clue.

Happens all the time.

But, when you’re a celebrity, then it’s the juiciest story of the decade. A story that just won’t fucking go away.

To the fans and press, I’m the wounded animal.


Poor Vaughn.

It’s the pity and apathy that drive me fucking insane.

But no more. Jack’s right.

Arms folded, I lean my back against the window. “So, what do you have in mind?”

Jack smiles. “You have an offer.”

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