What Might Kill Us(5)

By: M.N. Forgy


We’ve been trapped in this house for three years now and treated like prisoners.

Benito doesn’t care about us, and surely not what happens to us.

When Alvaro returned that night, I told him I wanted to run away. He was quiet when I explained how I would overtake the guard at the door and we’d whisk through the halls to freedom.

“You’re fucking stupid, Anahi. It’s time to stop playing princess and take on what you’re born to do before you get us both killed,” he bit out, his tone raging. He’s been getting angry with me a lot lately. He’s changing, I find myself thinking again. But something inside of me senses we both are.

I lay beside him, my arms wrapped tightly around my body as I stared out the window. Curious what my mom would tell me to do if she were here. What my father would suggest I do. Their advice would vary so differently, a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.

Reality and perhaps a dream that would always be just out of reach.

Waking up the next morning, I roll over only to find Alvaro already gone. The bed cold and empty. I sit up, wiping the sleep from my eyes as they drift across the room and land on my breakfast placed on a tray by the door with a note sitting next to my eggs. My brows furrow in curiosity. Slipping off the bed, I saunter over to the folded paper and pick it up.

“The clock is ticking,” I read aloud.

Scoffing, I bite my inner cheek and drop it back on the tray of food of mushed eggs and cold potatoes. My appetite instantly gone.

I’d kill someone for bacon, or a piece of toast that wasn’t soggy.

Striding over to the window, I observe the scenery and all of my surroundings as time passes me by.

Later that day when Alvaro finally arrived back in the room, he had on new clothes and smelled of expensive cologne. When he caught sight of me a wicked gleam flickered in his eyes, a cold chill running up my back causing me to stiffen.

“Where were you?” I ask softly, sitting on the sofa across the room.

“Doing what it takes,” he grumbles, sitting on the cushion next to me. His tone indicating I’m not doing anything. A dark lonely caress smothering me into isolation. I scowl. Alvaro isn’t the boy I used to have a crush on anymore.

Suddenly he pulls a black shiny gun from behind his back and places it on his left knee, his eyes squinting deviously.

“W-where did you get that?” I stand, scared as I suck in a shaky breath.

“Enough of the games Anahi,” he mutters so low it almost comes out as a growl.

I swallow hard. Knowing it’s too late for Alvaro, but not too late for me. I’ll just have to run by myself.

I turn away from him, my arms wrapped tightly around me as I drop my head. Cold steel presses against the back of my neck. Slowly I lift my head, my heart beating a mile a minute as tears threaten to spill from my glossy eyes.

The days of lying in a sea of blankets and pillows and watching TV are gone.

The feel of his palm clasping mine − a façade.

“Anahi?” He whispers into the back of my ear, making the hair on my neck stand on end.

“Yes?” I attempt to keep my voice strong, but my body turns on me and I tremble.

“You will swallow those fucking drugs like gumdrops, or I will make you. Do you understand?” he threatens, his voice eerily calm. I don’t answer, tears springing from my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. Every tear symbolizing my lost freedom. Washing away the innocence and breaking in the Gomez DNA I’m forced to render myself to.

He nudges the gun in the back of my neck at the same time his groin presses into the back of me.

Bile rises in my throat at the thought of him touching me now and I push myself away from him and turn to face him. We, us, will never be. Ever again.

I glare at him. His beady eyes watching me like the venomous snake that he is.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” I can’t help but ask. I thought he was different; his mother isn’t even a Gomez. Why would he care if I took Benito’s deal?

“Only a child would walk away from such greatness. To have family, power, respect… who wouldn’t want that? Benito welcomed me into his familia and I accepted graciously. He has done nothing but show me respect and I intend on honoring that with my loyalty.” He taps the barrel of the gun against his chest as he snarls out each word. “He believes I can do the family name well—”

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