Zadri(Dragons of Preor Book 5)(81)

By: Celia Kyle

“You are beautiful, shaa kouva.” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “More beautiful than the skies.” Her face flushed pink. He knew he’d embarrassed her with his compliment, yet he did not care. She was the most beautiful female to ever walk the Earth or fly through the skies. He leaned down and brushed a kiss across her forehead. “And more precious than the wind.”

A soft stirring of air and a quiet brush of fabric told him that Whelon and Carla gave them privacy. As much privacy as a curtain could provide.

He would urge Taulan to build walls and a door for medical. Strongly.

For now, he had words he wished to say. Words that he had delayed while searching for the proper time to repeat them.

Now was that time.

Zadri recited them by heart, putting every measure of his love into each syllable. “By Earth treaty,” he whispered the words low, “I lay claim to Delaney Cole as kouva to Zadri sen Syh, now Zadri joi Delaney Cole, defense master to the Preor Third Fleet.”

Tears pooled in his mate’s eyes and his gut clenched with worry for a moment before he forced himself to relax. He’d learned that tears came often to bearing females.

And then… Then Delaney said the words he would cherish until he took his final flight.

“Aro la koasado.”

Yours for eternity.

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